A dissertation has several parts and the format that it consists is flexible at times, depending on the university. The most interesting and challenging part is when the sections of research and discussion are filled, which is the ultimate source of the dissertation and also the solid ground that it stands on. The help to write a logical research and discussion section can be taken from dissertation writing services, tutors or friends.
The sections of research and discussion can be either drafted separately or together whichever suits the writer, and which is according to the guidelines of the university, and abides the rules and instructions of the professor. attempts to make the students aware of the points to include, which can avoid them from straying far from the topic.

Advantages that both the approaches results:

  • If the sections of research and discussions are written separately, it provides the writer the opportunity to focus on the result obtained, clearly jot down the happenings that took place in the process of the experiment and investigate the implications.
  • It helps the mind focus on the visible results and structure them in writing accordingly.
  • The writer can combine the sections as both are in close relation to one another.

The result section:

The important experimental results should be set out clearly, which includes statistical analysis. Any source, be it literary, that can validate and support the interpreted result should be a part of it. It is not necessary to include all the sources especially in the dissertation written in masters’; however, the undergraduate dissertation demands the mention of every source and analysis.
The tense of the result section needs to be in past tense as you are describing what you research you have already conducted. In case you are not absolutely sure about the source which can form the part of the section, the best dissertation writing help tip would be to read the research question and see if it’s relevant to it. In the end, it is all about the relevance.
Choose the order in which you want to present your research; it can be in chronological order or maybe present the research in the form of table or graphs, whichever helps the better understanding of the approach and the subject. Give titles and numbers to your table or graph.
Even in the result section, you will have to include a line or two of the discussion of the solution.

The discussion section: This section has four major purposes:

  • Interpret and enlighten the readers with the result.
  • Justify the research question with appropriate answers.
  • Validate your approach.
  • Present a critical analysis of your study.

Therefore, the main aim of the writer is to review his findings and present the prior knowledge that he had of the subject. The discussion section needs to follow the previous section, i.e. the research and establish a link that connects the literature review.
The sections of research and discussion almost mark the climax of the dissertation writing. With the right dissertation help from classmates and teachers can lead to the formation of an amazing and insightful dissertation.
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