A master’s degree without dissertation sounds unreal but there are many institutes that offer such degrees. It is now common to hear about universities that offer degrees without thesis but now students want to refrain from drafting dissertations as well. Even in graduate programs, the dissertations are just present for namesake, the teachers accept simple two to three-page assignments and mark the students on that. Students themselves are not much aware of the prestigious title of a dissertation writer, the assignments and essays are their limitations to the writing world. attempts to clear the roads for the students that the degree with and without dissertation writing will create in the future.

A degree that involves dissertation writing:

Students, who opt for completing dissertations and other writing fields such as thesis even, will work hard in every semester and be close to becoming a multi-tasker as he will be required to juggle with his studies, research, and dissertations, all at the same time. The student will have the advantage of working alongside a reputable professor and develop their skills in conducting a research and exploring; this will make him eligible for appearing for a Ph.D. degree or become a professional explorer as well.

Advantages of a degree with dissertation:

  • It will boost your profile as you will be working on a research project that will enhance your knowledge and also your resume.
  • It will grant you multiple opportunities to publish your researched document.
  • If your work impresses your tutor, he might even fund you by providing research assistantship or teaching assistantship.
  • There will be ample of job opportunities, you can become one of those helpers that provide dissertation help to the students or become more involved in the research and development department or accept the job from one of the alumni of your department.
  • The study duration is more than that of a degree without dissertation but the after benefits are worth the time.

A degree without dissertation:

Such courses are designed for students who do not need an expert assistance in improving their research skills. The classes are attended regularly and only the examination can be your tool to determine your skills. The subjects for the degree are up to the students to choose, the exam for each will be conducted to clear it. The course consists of certain mini-projects which the students will encounter in their last semester. The non-dissertation masters’ courses are similar to what the student has already done in the undergraduate course. The semester has certain subjects and the student clears them all to acquire the degree.

Disadvantages of a degree without dissertation:

  • If the work done by the student fails to impress the teacher, he will probably graduate late.
  • The syllabus is pre-defined and the student rarely has the choice to choose want he really wants.

The students who have no interest in being trained for research can opt for the degree without dissertations but such degree should be completed from credible institutes to ensure the value of it. For students who have always been writing dissertation can provide dissertation writing help to students junior to them that can be jotted down as an accomplishment in their resumes.
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