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Dissertation is the traditional form of report writing that a student of graduate and post graduate level studies needs to submit. In most of the cases the field of study on which the dissertation report needs to be prepared is related to humanity and social science. The report is to justify and showcase the knowledge that the student gained from the full study, during the course tenure. A dissertation report is a modified version of a senior paper or an essay paper which any student has prepared earlier. The word count for an essay is mostly between 2500 to 3000 words. It is quite different from that of a dissertation as here the faculty provides the topic for the essay. In case of dissertation a student will have to decide the topic and will need to do the necessary study and reserch to present the new findings. The research work needs to be done by the student solely. So, there are many things that differentiate a common essay from a dissertation. The dissertation topic needs to be such which can give scope to students to debate as well as discuss to present their view point on the subject. Specific style and language needs to be used for writing a dissertation report. The difficulty level of writing a dissertation is very high. For a student dissertation is one of the lengthiest writing assignments which are highly descriptive, technical, and confusing too. This is basically a thesis paper and has to be constructed as per the laid guidelines shared by the faculty. There are some typical problem areas faced by students preparing a dissertation.

  1. Beginning the thesis is a big problem for a student. A student will have to decide the step by step progress of the report, so that it can be completed in right time and with the proper materials in it.
  2. The dissertation statement writing method is bit unclear.
  3. How to do referencing in the report is a common issue for all.
  4. There is no proper planning and time management.
  5. No clear knowledge about the dissertation writing language.

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