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A dissertation is a text document which is submitted by the pupils in support of application for an academic qualification. The document basically present the research and findings of the author. The term ‘dissertation’ is sometimes used to cover both the master’s thesis and Ph.D. level dissertations. Dissertation is also considered as a grey literature. It refers to the materials and the investigation created by organizations outside the commercial and academic publication. The grey literature publication comprises of various reports like annual, technical, research and project; white papers; government documents; etc. The dissertation are organized as a monograph, with or without added papers correspondingly. A conventional monograph includes a title page, an abstract, table of contents, introduction, literature review, and bibliography. Dissertation differs in its organization with different areas like humanities, social sciences, technology, etc. It usually report on a study, or a prolonged scrutiny of a subject matter.The structure of dissertation elucidates the objective, previous literature which encroaches on the subject matter, the techniques used and the findings of the research project. Each page of the dissertation should use a distinct sequence of page number from the main text. The use of roman numerals is relevant in the international standard of dissertation writing. Students often face difficulties in composing a dissertation. They face problems like:

  1. Getting started is one of the common problem that student faces while composing a dissertation. Students are not able to finish their work on time and are not able to meet the due dates.
  2. Maintaining a sense of balance between the dissertation writing process and other important work is also a problem for the students.
  3. Students struggle in eradicating slangs, idioms, and regular speech forms in their writing. They should try to write in a language which suits, according to the understanding of their audience.

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