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Essay can be described as a method to express a subject or a topic which can be comprehended by all. Essays give opportunity to students to express the opinion they had regarding any particular topic. Sometimes most of the students get confused while they try to understand the point in essay. Writing an essay is no way confined to report drafting and needs a creative touch to describe the topic well. Every essay should be ended properly with an opinion which is just of the student. There are generally two types of opinion which are found in a good essay and those are academic opinion and another is personal opinion. One important thing that students need to remember is that every essay needs to be written after conducting proper research work on the topic. Each fact presented in essay should have proper evidence. The essay is to be written with proper logic with appropriate coherent thinking and such features fall under academic opinion. In case of personal opinion personal feelings and views of students need to be mentioned. This feature is subjective and every such opinion is controlled by emotions. To make an essay of good quality which is informative, a student needs to be very particular about the steps to be followed to score well. Writing a good essay is not at all an easy task for the students. They face several problems at the time of penning an essay. The major problems which are faced by students at time of writing an essay are mentioned below.

  1. Students finds lack of authentic sources for data collection.
  2. Students find writing an essay as a time consuming affair.
  3. The main concept of the essay topic remains unclear.
  4. Drafting style of essay is not clear.
  5. Time management is difficult for student.
  6. Anxiety of failure in essay writing.

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