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Finance is a wide term that describes two similar activities, the process of how money can be managed and the process of acquiring required funds. It is an area that deals with the study of expenditures. It aims to price assets based on their expected rate of return and benefit based on the risk level. It can be termed as “money management”. It has been categorized into three subdivisions such as corporate finance, public finance, and personal finance. Corporate finance is the area of finance dealing with the sources of capital structure and funding of particular corporations. The main aim of corporate finance is to expand the shareholders’ income. Public finance is the learning about the role of the government in the economy. It is a section of an economy which evaluates the revenue generated through government. Personal finance is the management in which a family unit or an individual performs to save money and construct a budget to spend financial sources over time, taking into account various financial possibility. Without a financial support, a business cannot exist. If a person has strong finance analysis skills he/ she can run a business very smoothly. It is the most crucial level, finance is the business discipline concerned with managing money efficiently.
Students generally find difficulty with the basic concepts of finance. They are unable to complete their homework because of lesser knowledge and skills. Students generally face issues with calculation, balance sheet, and tally. They find difficulty in graphical representations as it includes various statistical inspection. Finance homework needs to be accurate at any cost; a small calculation error leads to a great difference. Some students face issues with taxation and budgeting. Students lack in finance because of technical applications. There are various mathematical formulas which need to be applied in numerical related to finance. This develops a fear towards the subject as they won’t be able to complete their homework on time.
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