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A research paper is a type of an academic or scholarly paper which is printed in academic journals. It contains authentic research results and displays absolutely new inventions as well. When students study at higher levels of education, they are most likely asked to concoct the research papers. A research paper is used for reconnoitering and classifying scientific, practical, and social issues. If a pupil is writing it for the first time, it seems to be intimidating. Eventually, with good organization and focus of thoughts, he/she can make this process simpler for themselves. Composition of a good research paper basically involves these four stages:

  1. Choosing a topic: Students should ask relevant questions from themselves. They should pick a topic that they would like to research about.
  2. Researching the topic: After selecting the topic, beginning the research is the next step. Research can be done through journals, articles, web pages, books, encyclopedias, blog posts, etc.
  3. Creating an outline: The next step is to annotate the research process. This step is the most important step. Students should read their research and take notes on the key evidence and phrases.
  4. Doing the definite writing: It is advisable to work on the body paragraphs first. After the students have written them, they should finish writing the introduction and conclusion.

Writing a good research paper is often very troublesome for the students. When a teacher grades the research papers. He/she looks for the well-researched, organized and supported papers that can be read effortlessly and students these days fail to compose such papers. Following are some fundamental errors that a teacher would never like to see in a research paper:

  1. Faulty organization: Students prepare poorly planned research papers. The key points of their papers do not flow logically and do not make any sense.
  2. Poor transitions: The research prepared by the students lack some connection and there is no logical flow in the paragraphs.

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